Wednesday, February 29, 2012

*HOT* Sign Up for Ebates and Get a $10 Gift Card for Target, Home Depot, or Barnes & Noble!

Target Gift Card

I can not over emphasize how great a deal Ebates can be for on-line shoppers and best of all it is always FREE and you never pay more for your purchases!  I suggest that before you buy another thing on-line that you sign up with Ebates.

When you sign up with Ebates you will have a choice of FREE $10 gift cards to choose from as a reward just for signing up.  Right now they are offering a FREE $10 Home Depot Gift Card, Target Gift Card, Barnes & Noble Gift Card when you sign up with Ebates

Why not get paid for what you do anyway?  Ebates pays you every time you shop on-line. You can get cash back for shopping at over 1,200 different on-line stores.

I highly recommend that when shopping on-line that you always use one of the shopping portals that pay you Cash Back such as Ebates or ShopAtHome or MrRebates.  You can click on these links and sign up now so you'll have an account when you're ready to shop.   I would suggest signing up with all of them.

Something else that I highly recommend that you do is buy discounted gift cards for your favorite restaurants and department stores.  I suggest buying them now so you will have them when you need them.

Here are the discount gift card resellers that I personnally recommend and use:

Depending on the merchant you can save any where from 6% up to 35% Off the remaining value on the gift card.  What is also great about these sites is they do not charge you a penny in fees for buying a discounted gift card.  If the gift card has a value of $50 and is selling for $40 then that's all you pay.  Another nice thing is they ship the gift card to you for FREE.


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