Saturday, September 8, 2012

National Parks Fee FREE Entrance Days 2012

There are a few days left in the year when you can take advantage of free entry into the National Parks. 

List of FREE National Park Days 2012

Tip - 264 of the 397 National Parks NEVER charge an entrance fee. So start Planning Your Visit!

Find a National Park location HERE.

I hope that you will be able to schedule some time to take your family out to see all that they have to offer in the way of both history and natural beauty.  

The last park that we visited was John Muir Woods outside of San Francisco and I am hoping to get out to see the Yosemite National Park sometime with-in the next year.

The Park Service also offers a free web site that kids can enjoy and have fun doing all sorts of activities on-line.  They can use the site as a visitor and they cal also sign up to be a WEBRANGER - HERE.


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