Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tide Theft Ring Busted!

"A Tide Thief"
I thought that this story was so bizarre that I had to share with you.

Apparently, Tide detergent is the central figure in what police are calling a "Grime Wave".  It has caught not only the eye of local law enforcement, but the FBI.

In one report the thief would load up a grocery cart with Tide detergent (see photo) and roll it right past the store employees and out the door!

Stores have had to take some drastic measures to curtail the loss of the liquid "Gold" by locking it down like they do some other types of merchandise and medications that are prime targets of thieves.

I can not imagine having to ask the store clerk to unlock the display so I can get a bottle of Tide detergent!

You can read the whole "dirty" story in its entirety HERE.

Photo Credit: The Blaze


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