Friday, June 17, 2011

TGIF It's Mega-Swagbucks Day!

Woohoo!  Another chance at the big bucks!

I just got another FREE $5 Amazon Gift Card the other day and I am already on my way to earning another one!

If you are not signed up for Swagbucks then I highly recommend that you sign up right now and get started on earning your FREE $5 gift card or any of the other hundreds of different types of rewards that are available to choose from on Swagbucks!  

Swagbucks - Search. Shop. Win. 

WIN FREE PRIZES just by searching the web. SWAG BUCKS are digital dollars that you earn just for doing the things you're already doing. Register now to get started. It's totally Free.

Join Swagbucks now- Earn a FREE $5 Gift Card Every Month!  That's what I do.  All it takes is 450 Swagbucks to get a FREE $5 Gift Card and I get at least that many points every single month and it only takes a couple of minutes a day.

Then when I have enough gift cards I get FREE stuff from!  The Gift Cards are the electronic version so you can transfer the codes from your Swagbucks Gift Cards account into your account when you're ready to pay for your purchase.

You can learn all about how Swagbucks works and by reading through the FAQs and you can learn how to maximize your Swagbucks earning potential by watching how others do it on YouTube.  Just do a search using the keyword "Swagbucks " on YouTube to find all the Swagbucks videos.

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