Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pet Owner Alert! Pup-Peroni Nutritional Information Available! Plus Dog Food Feeding Calculator!

If you are a dog lover then you probably care about what you feed them and what is in the dog food and dog treats that you feed them.

Recently we had a new addition to our family when Joey the Chiweenie joined us.  Joey is half Chihuahua and half Dachshund which makes him a Chiweenie!  Being a puppy Joey has a tremendous appetite and wants to eat all the time.

Aside from his puppy chow Joey loves Pup-Peroni treats and would eat a whole bag if I let him.  I like giving him a treat in between meals or during our play time, but I don't want him to have too much of a good thing so I wanted to know what exactly was in them, including the nutrients and the number of calories.

I looked on the package for the information and there is some, but not all the information I was looking for and no mention about the number of calories so I wrote the makers of Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks and they were gracious enough to send me the information.

I found it interesting that the information they provided advises that the Pup-Peroni Dog Snack should not make up more than 10% of the dog's diet.  That is interesting, but how do you know how much food in total to feed to your dog?  

A rough estimate of the number of calories a dog needs per day can be calculated using the following formula: (desired weight in lbs)/2.2 x 30 + 70.  For example an adult dog that should weigh 22 LBs should have 300 calories per day plus 70 additional calories for a total of 370 calories per day.  

It is important to understand that we are talking about an average "resting" energy requirement (RER) in terms of the number of calories needed to maintain a healthy weight.  If your dog is active or very active then you will need to increase the number of calories.  

Here is a calculator that you can use to help determine how much to feed your dog or puppy and how much it will cost: DOG / PUPPY FOOD CALCULATOR with COST CALCULATOR

Here is a nice chart that shows the recommended amount of protein and fat that dogs and puppies require in their daily diet.  (Source: "Doctors Foster and Smith")

Species and Growth StageRecommended Protein %Recommended Fat %
Adult Dog18%9-15%
Performance Dog25%20%
Racing Sled Dog35%50%
Lactating Dog28%17%

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