Saturday, June 18, 2011

The FREEbies and Goodies I Received in My Mailbox This Week!

Here is a picture of the FREEbies and other goodies I received in my mailbox this week!  

The picture is not all that great so I will give you a run down of what you're looking at:

Top Row: 

Two (2) FREE full size cans of Alpo plus 2-$1.00 OFF Coupons.  One I got for signing up on the Alpo Facebook page and the other one at the Walmart web site.  Thank you Alpo and Walmart!

Second Row: 

The first item is a check from Simply Orange for $7.00 for giving them some feedback on their products on their web site.  I didn't expect the check so it was a very nice surprise.  Thank you Simply Orange!

The other item is a FREE Clif bar that I scored during one of the recent Facebook giveaways!  You might be able to see in the photo that the wrapper is torn open.  The Clif bar didn't last 5 minutes!  It was so good.  Thank you Clif!

Third Row: 

$40 worth of P&G coupons that I scored for signing up to be a military commissary panelist where I will provide feedback and suggestions on the military commissary system.  

Nest to the coupons is a $30 gift card from Olive Garden.  Again something that I did not expect to receive that Olive Garden sent to me for providing some feedback to them on their web site.  Thank you Olive Garden!

And the last item is a coupon for $1.00 Off Red Gold Tomatoes that Red Gold sent to me when I had difficulty printing out a coupon from their web site and provided them with feedback on the issue.  Thank you Red Gold!

All total the products, gift card and coupons add up to almost $84.00!  That's not bad for a few minutes of effort on each item.

All the coupons you see in the photo are destined for our troops and their families overseas along with several thousand dollars in additional coupons.  Remember that when you print out a coupon from the links I provide in the Penny-Pincher's Pal articles you are helping to support our troops and their families.  The modest sum that PPP receives each time coupons are printed goes toward deferring the cost of shipping the coupons to our troops and their families overseas.  So thank you PPP fans for your support.  

Here is the take away from all this:

As I have said in the past I get FREEbies and goodies all the time, but I rarely take a picture of them, but there is a lesson to be learned here.

Go to the Facebook page of every product you use and "Like" them so you will get the alerts on your Facebook page whenever they make an announcement about a giveaway, a contest or to just see if they have a coupon posted.

Also, go to the web site of every product you use and look for promotions and coupons.  Also, sign up for their email so you can get information on new product promotions, get coupons and other special offers emailed or mailed to you.

Finally, whenever you buy a product or service take the time to provide some feedback on the companies web site or Facebook page. Companies spend millions of dollars a year on advertising and promotions trying to influence our opinions and to get and retain customers.  They desperately need and want honest feedback about their products and services so help them out and you just might be rewarded for your efforts.

Here are some sources of printable coupons:
Red Plum
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Coupon Network - offers savings and coupons that you will not find anywhere else. Click Here to Print Free Grocery Coupons - just plug in your zip code or any other zip code that you would like to check.  The 90210 Zip Code is very popular.

Frugal Father Coupons - searchable database tool!  I think that you are going to love this coupon tool! - Print Free Grocery Coupons.  Just sign up for a FREE InboxDollars account and get access to all the printable coupons.  If you are a new member you will get a $5 sign-up bonus.  Each time you print out and redeem a coupon you will earn $0.10 per coupon. - Print Free Grocery Coupons. Just sign up for a FREE Swagbucks account and get access to all the printable coupons.  You will also earn 30 Swagbucks for signing up!  Each time you print out and redeem a coupon you will earn 10 Swagbucks.

Target coupons Target Printable Grocery Coupons!  Remember you can stack a Target coupon with a manufacturers coupons to maximize your savings.

Walmart coupons - Walmart Printable Coupons. Walmart pays you the difference between the coupon value and the cost of the item.  Overage will be applied to your basket total or given as cash.

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