Monday, December 13, 2010

No Baby Required - New Pampers GTG Code!

There's a new 5-point Pampers code available! 

Just head over to Pampers Gifts to Grow and enter WelcomeMembers5.

If you haven't yet joined Pampers Gifts To Grow click here and sign up.   Every new member gets 50 points for signing up. 

Then you can earn free gifts by entering codes at Pampers Gifts To Grow

Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus and you can earn free rewards just by entering free codes. 

Here are some more codes that may still be working:  
GIVETHANKS10PTS - 10 points
PUNTOSPARAMI123  - 10 points
FBHALLOWEEN2010 - 10 points
NOVFACEBOOK2010 - 10 points
GIFTSTOGROW4MOM –  50 points
FACEBOOKOCT2010 – 10 points
10PTSFREECODE4U – 10 points
GTGFIVEMONTHS10 – 10 points
WELCOME2PAMPERS –  50 points
GETSTARTEDNOW10 – 10 points
WELCOME2GTG2010 – 10 points
2BEGINEARNING50 – 50 points

Happy Holidays!


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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Armed Forces Vacation Club

If you know anyone of who falls into one of the categories listed below please be sure and share this information with them.  The AFVC is a great resource that offers affordable vacations.

Am I eligible to participate?

You are eligible to participate if you are a:
  • Member of the Uniformed Services or an adult dependant (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy; active duty and both active and inactive reserve and National Guard)
  • Foreign exchange service member on permanent duty with the Department of Defense
  • Retired Member of the Uniformed Services or an adult dependant (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy)
  • Civilian employees of the DoD (appropriated, non-appropriated, or retired) or an adult dependant
  • American Red Cross personnel serving overseas with the U.S. military
  • DoD Dependant School teacher or an adult dependant
  • Disabled American Veteran @ 100% with 2765 ID Card


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Today I Want To Focus on Guy Things. Sorry Ladies.

Today I want to focus on guy things!  I said guy things not guy's things!

Sorry ladies, but no women allowed.

Alright guys, now that we have the web to ourselves let's see what we can find that guys would like.

Grab a brewski, sit back and lets get some Freebies for guys!
Please keep in mind that Free stuff often runs out quickly so these free samples and freebie offers could be expired by the time you read this and it's not because it's so long.  
The first thing that comes to mind is... Uh! Well maybe we'll talk about the second thing - cars!

I would like to start off by offering all my "buddies" out there a brand new Chevrolet Corvette!  

Come on guys!  You knew that wasn't going to happen, but hey at least I was thinking about you.

The next best thing to getting a free car handed to you is winning a free car. 

 I suppose a handful or dollars might be nice too!  Here's a buck for you.  Seriously though let's get on with what you came here for - free stuff.

Let's start the show off with come games of chance.  You can't win if you don't enter and somebody is going to win so why not you?


Writer Sandra Grauschopf recently reported on sweepstakes that are offering a free ride, boats, motorcycles, plus other cool prizes.  For the complete 8 page article listing approximately 60 contests and other offers click here.

Here is a partial list of companies that are offering some guy stuff courtesy of Arlana's Corner.  For the complete list visit Arlana's Corner:
Disclaimer: Arlana's Corner does not guarantee the validity of the offers presented on this site. Nor does PPP.

Automotive Freebies
Free Auto Loan Application (US)
Win free Gasoline (US)
Free Road Safety Brochures (US)
Free Catalog (US)
Free printable Coupons (US)
Free Trailer Ball Cover (US)
Free Sample Bottle of Dri-Wash 'n Guard Car 
Polish (US)
Free Vehicle Record Check (US)
2 free Trial Issues (US)
Current Promotions (US)
Cars & Trucks - Catalogs and Magazines (US)
Current Cash-back Incentives and Offers (US)
Free Trial Issue (US)
Current Special Offers (US)
Get a free Car or get paid to drive your own (US)
Free Parent Survival Kit (Email Request)
Free DVD and Color Brochure (US & Canada)
Free Samples (US)
Free Catalog (US)
Free Automotive and Motorcycle Catalogs (US)
Free Truck Catalog (US)
Free Garage Flooring Samples (US)


This next list is courtesy of Cool Freebie Links entitled "Free Stuff For Men".  These are only a few items from a much longer list that is available at Cool Freebie Links.
Confident and contemporary, Boss Bottled and Bottled Night were fragrances designed with the modern man in mind. Fill out the form to request a free sample of both fragrances. Note: Be sure to check the Boss Bottled and Bottled Night boxes at the end of the form before submitting. Available worldwide.

This conditioning shampoo for men by Redken offers nourishing essential wood oils that moisturize and control even the most hard-to-manage hair while revitalizing the scalp and warming the senses. Fill out the form to request a free sample. Note: Offer limited to the first 20,000. U.S. only.

Select Lacoste Challenge for men and fill out the remainder of the form to request a free fragrance sample. Worldwide Availability.

Register to receive a free Lion's Challenge kit that includes a free sample of Roaring Lion energy drink plus, a free sample of a comparable energy drink so you can compare them side by side. Click on the "Take the Lion's Challenge!" link and fill out the form to request a free samples kit. Note: This offer is available to the first 1,000 who apply each month. If you do not qualify, you can re-enter in two months. U.S. only.

Men are notorious sports junkies. Check out this awesome resource for free sports theme desktop wallpaper. Hundreds of cool sports backgrounds to choose from.

Rincon. Notes in the fragrance include citrus, floral and woods. Fill out the form to request a free sample of Tropical Breeze fragrance for men. U.S. only.

This innovative bladder leakage product for men provides superior protection, comfort and discretion. Look for the "Free Sample" link on left menu of page. Click and fill out the form to request your free sample. U.S. only.

Ripped Fuel 5x is a super-concentrated professional-strength formula that uses five distinct nutritional mechanisms to fuel your weight loss program. Fill out the form to request a free sample of Fuel 5x supplement. U.S. only.

Men love cool free stuff for their cars! Just register for a free Armor All Owners account where you can keep an on-line log of your car maintenance and exchange ideas with other car owners. Look for "The Art of Car Care" text on bottom right of page. Click on "Register Now" and fill out the form to get the scoop on special offers and other cool stuff for your car. U.S. only.

This new energy drink is portable and comes in the form of a powdered packet that you can mix with water. They claim it contains beneficial levels of herbal ingredients and vitamins. Fill out their form and get a free sample. U.S. and Canada only.

Wait for the page to load, or click "Skip" and then look for the "Free Sample" link. Click and fill out the form to request a coupon that you can redeem for a free sample at participating Aveda Salons or Spas. U.S. only.


Next is a list courtesy of Beauty About 

Three in One Lotion - 
Look for the contact link to request your free sample.

Here is something for all of my male readers. Put in your request for a fragrance sample. All you have to do is fill out a short survey.


Here we have a selection of Freebies courtesy of Coupon Katarina

Aveda Men. Here’s something a little different: a free sample for men. Enter your information on the Aveda Men website to print a certificate that you can then take to an Aveda Salon or Store to receive a free sample and a free “sensory ritual.” (Maybe a scalp massage? Sounds intriguing. I might take my husband to the mall so he can enjoy this one.)

Baby Barn. Sign up on Baby Barn’s website to receive a free sample of their all-natural, organic baby body and hair wash and soft skin baby lotion.

Borba Skin Care. If you’d like to try a free sample of a skin care product and/or receive their printed catalog, just complete the form on Borba’s website and they will send you a sample when it becomes available.

Einstein Bros. Bagels. Become a fan of Einstein Bros. on Facebook to print a coupon for a free tub of cream cheese with purchase of any variety bucket. If you’re picking up the bagels already, you might as well get the cream cheese for free, right?

Home Made Simple. You can request a booklet full of money-saving coupons and décor ideas when you sign up for the Home Made Simple offer. These coupons (which are mailed to you) are usually good for several months and are often higher-value than coupons in the newspaper inserts. Just this week I was able to get free Dawn Hand Renewal at CVS when I used the coupons I had accumulated through requesting similar coupon booklets in the past.

(Thanks, Coupon Katarina!)


This selection of Freebies is courtesy of 

FREE* Sample of Banana Boat Sundial Self Tanning Moisturizer

Request a free sample of Banana Boat Every Day Glow Sundial, self tanning moisturizer, with participation.

Free 2 Week Supply of Bio-35 Pro-Biotics Supplement

Complete a sample request form to receive a free 2week sample of Bio-35 Pro-Biotics Supplement.

Free Condom for College Student

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Great American Condom Campaign (GACC) SafeSite. The GACC is a youth-led grassroots movement to make the U.S. a sexually healthy nation. Each year, GACC members give out 1,000,000 Trojan Brand condoms on college campuses across the United States, educate their peers about sexual health, and organize to improve the policies that affect young people's heal. Complete a request form to receive your free condom.

The following list is from an unknown source.  If you know the source please let me know so I can give credit. 

AAA Foundation Free Road Safety Brochures (US) Free Catalog (US) 
AutoSport Free printable Coupons (US) 
Big O Tire Free Trailer Ball Cover (US) 
BoatUS Free Sample Bottle of Dri-Wash 'n Guard Car Polish (US) 
Burkhardt Free Vehicle Record Check (US) 
CARFAX 2 free Trial Issues (US)
Cars & Parts Current Promotions (US) 
Castrol Cars & Trucks - Catalogs and Magazines (US) Current Cash-back Incentives and Offers (US)
Chevrolet Free Trial Issue (US) 
Corvette Enthusiast Current Special Offers (US) 
Dollar Rent a Car Get a free Car or get paid to drive your own (US
DriveHomeSafe Free DVD and Color Brochure (US & Canada)
Factory Five Racing Free Samples (US) 
Finesse Pinstriping Free Catalog (US) 
Hummer Stuff Free Automotive and Motorcycle Catalogs (US) 
JC Whitney Free Truck Catalog (US) 
JC Whitney Free Garage Flooring Samples (US)
JNK Products Free used Car Values (US
Kelley Blue Book Free 15-Piece Tool Kit (US)
KOA Free Subscription (US) 
Light & Medium Truck Free Subscription to Track Record Magazine (US) 
Lowe's Racing Free Teen Driver Handbook (US) 
MetLife Promotions and Coupons (US & Canada
Midas Free Subscription (US) 
Motor Magazine Free Subscription to Motorcycle Product News (US, Canada & Mexico
MPN Free Catalogs on CD (US) 
National Parts Depot Free Catalogs (US) 
Performance Products Free Trial Issue (US) 
Pontiac Enthusiast Free Catalog 
ProTeam Corvette Free Air Filter Oil Sample (US & Canada
Qwik Time Free Color Brochure & Samples (US & Canada
RM Sheepskin Free Fabric Samples for your Boat (US) 
Sailor's Tailor Free Car Screensavers and Wallpapers (Worldwide) 
Screensavers Free Brochure and Color Swatches (US) 
SheepskinExperts Free Samples (US & Canada
SMS Auto Fabrics Free Car Care Handbook (US) 
Swissol Current Rebates and Promotions (US) 
ToolKing Free Sample (US & Canada
Ultimate Linings Free Screwdriver (US Businesses) 


Whew! Now that is what I call a list of Freebies!

I don't expect any of you guys to thank me because that's against the man code, but you're welcome!

I would like to thank all the ladies who contributed to this men's only article today, but since you're not allowed to read it I can't.


Credit - the company and product names used in this article are trademarked and the property of the respective companies.
Disclaimer - this article may contain affiliate links.  PPP does not guarantee the validity of any of these offers.  The offers have been consolidated from a number of recognized sources as a service to the readers of PPP.