Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

It's so nice to be back in the saddle after a much needed vacation.  It was a very long hot summer and it was so nice to be able to enjoy the gorgeous Fall weather for a change.

Today I want to talk about a few of my favorite things I do to make a little extra money from home using my personal computer and no it is not blogging.

I am not going to try to tell you that you are going to get rich or even make enough money to quite your day job if you're so lucky as to have one in today's economy, but you can easily make a little extra money, get all sorts of nice prizes or points that can be converted into airline or hotel points.

I would encourage you to go to each one of the sites, learn a little about them and join.  They are all free to join and pay you for your time so what have you got to loose?  Each one has their own way of earning "points" or "dollars" that I will explain later that can be converted into real cash or some equivalent so there is a bit of a learning curve so check out the FAQS, but once you get the hang of how to earn rewards it's really easy.  You may have to pay income taxes on your earning so I would suggest you talk to your tax advisor.

I'm going to start by listing my top 10 favorites and then tell you a little about each one of them.  I like all of these sites and am a member of each one, but the list is not in any order of preference nor are they my recommendation for you since each of us will have our own personal favorites.  I would love to hear about your favorites and why you like them and also tell me about your least favorites.


Warning!  These sites can be extremely addictive.  

1 - - eBates is a shopping portal that allows you to earn a percentage back on your qualified shopping purchases.  You can elect to receive your money by having them send you a "Big Fat Check", making a deposit to your PayPal account, donating the money to charity or other "Fast Cash" options.  Another way of earning some money while you shop. You will earn a $5 bonus for joining.

2 - - eBay is a very well known site for buying all sorts of things by placing a bid for the product or using the "Buy Now" option.  Either way you can get some fantastic bargains and earn "eBay Bucks" as a percentage back based on the amount of the purchase that accumulates in your eBay account that can then be used in the future to help pay for the auctions you win or your purchases. You will earn a $5 bonus for joining. 

3 - - eRewards membership is by invitation only.  Visit the web site and take a look at the sponsor's and then become a member of one or more of the sponsors loyalty programs such as their frequent flyer program or their hotel rewards program, etc.  Then once you've done that you will receive an email invitation to eRewards if you qualify from their sponsor to join the program.  You earn reward points that can then be used to get airline miles, hotel points, and other rewards.  I use the rewards to earn airline miles so my frequent flyer accounts remain active as well as build up points for free hotel stays.

4 - - InBoxDollars offers a variety of ways to earn cash - click on emails, complete offers, click & use grocery coupons, play cash games, take surveys, get a percentage back from shopping, make referrals, etc, etc.  Once you receive your first check you will be upgraded to "Gold" membership and the rewards get better.  $5 bonus for joining.

5 - -  Mr. Rebates is a shopping portal very similar to eBates that allows you to earn a percentage back on your qualified shopping purchases.  The more you shop the more you earn.  You will earn a $5 bonus for joining.

6 - ShopAtHome is similar to InBoxDollars and offers a variety of ways to earn cash - offers free on-line coupons, including grocery and restaurant coupons, cash back rewards, free samples and contests Then when account reaches at least $20 you'll receive a check in the mail.

7 - - SwagBucks is an on-line shopping portal where you earn "Swag Bucks" through a variety of methods - searching the web, taking surveys, shopping, daily poll, completing special offers, trading in your electronic gear, etc.  Then you redeem your "Swag Bucks" for all sorts of prizes.

8 - - You can earn points through a variety of ways - recycle your electronics, support greener electric sources, sign up for and use the Gconomy credit card, join the eBay Green Team and earn 50 points, get rewarded for recycling, find and enter RecycleBank codes and then redeem your points from a large selection of products in the rewards catalog.

Well that should get you well on your way.

Until next time this is FrugalFather signing off.